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My wife said to me that she is envious when she witnesses the other couple of her neighbor caring their baby together as well as doing their errand. My wife said that she prefers to do the job together as her neighbor did. That is why, she always asks or even begs me to come back to Indonesia for sharing in family life. Yes she loves to get me living together with her and the lovely son.

Basically, I do want to have a life together with them but the situation simply hinder me to have such dream. I have to complete my two years job contract in Saudi Arabia. Besides, I have to earn some money here and sent it to support my family, my wife and lovely son. If I come back to Indonesia, I think it will be hard for me to get a job there, since the job opportunity is not always available especially that fits my skill. I my self do not know about my own special skill but I believe that everything can be done if I think that way.

To my wife, I said that it was not my intention to leave her and the baby. I went abroad (to saudi arabia) just to earn money with halal way. So my going was the matter about the love to the family. The intention was about how to rise the family. And the opportunity that time was going to saudi arabia as TKI. From the desert, i just scream in my deep down inside, I love you my baby, and the last but not least, I love you too my wife.

I told to my wife, that she had better feel proud of her self and I am really proud of her. It is no need to feel envious too much. I told her that she should take caring baby as a fun, so no feeling of burdern any more. I just hope that my wife can absorb my discussion with her through chatting.