Straightforward, Why not?

Posted on: April 6, 2008

Straightforwardness is really important in the life. To be straightforward person, of course, I need to be brave enough. When I need something, I have to tell it exactly what I really need. Here, the bravery is really needed. So the straightforwardness is strongly connected to a bravery (courage).

When I try to be straightforward, it means that I help the people understand what I really mean.

But I think, the way people behave won’t  exactly the same between one and another. Here, the culture in which one live has certainly contribution in shaping his/her behavior as well as his/her world view toward something.

So, it could be that someone needs something but he/she will say something other that what he/she really needs. Here, the straightforwardness is being hidden, since what has been said is not really compatible with what is really needed or meant.

As I have said above, that straightforwardness really needs courage. Without bravery, it is going to be hard to be really straightforward. Yes, I agree with that.

Let us say, if you want to have a smart and straightforward baby, you should encourage him/her to say something frankly. Your encouragement will take many forms. It could be that you make your self as a good model in straightforwardness. Or, it could be that you build a situation where open communication is really encouraged. Your baby may do something wrong before your eye, but you have to discuss with him/her in comfortable way. Just make them safe. I am sure, they will try to respect you.

Here, I can catch the lesson that straightforwardness will take place if the freedom and responsibility is appreciated.

I can imagine, how can I express my real feeling and also my true mind, if the person whom I want to talk to, shows threatening and intimidating manner? There will be two choices : to show the true feeling and clear mind (straightforward) but will face any negative effect (eg. Cruelty, violence, or intimidation) or to wrap a true intention by telling a different thing. I think the latter, the person could be in a strong fear that something bad will happen to him/her.

Here, I want to say that straightforwardness should be always encouraged. There may be people are pushed to say something which is not exactly the same with his/her want as a means to save him/her from danger. It means that he does not intend to lie. He lies only when he is pushed to do that. His lies is not really his genuineness, then.

But what happen if the leader is a liar? Waw…the lie by the leader is a big indicator that a leader is corrupt. The leader deceive the people to protect the power in the hand. I think, when a leader is liar, he/she is not good leader. He/she is a corrupt leader, instead.

So, we really need a leader which is straightforward in every his/her action and decision so that the people will understand the rule. Straightforward leader will be a good model for a better and healthy nation. The people then will be happy to do the same way.

If all of the nation in the country encourage the straightforwardness, then every citizen will be a strong with their courage and dignity to stand tall before the world.

In the end, the straightforward should be backup and always enforced whenever and wherever.

Bravo…well done!!


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