Should I be dependent to be TKW/I?

Posted on: April 1, 2008

This question I think is very important to poster, because it is related to state of dependency, being dependent to be manual labor.

When I live as TKI in Saudi Arabia, I begin to know that the condition of manual labor, in particular domestic labor which is fully dominated by woman, has been in bad sides.

It is okay that some of domestic labor has been successful in the sense that they get their salary and good treatment from their employer. But the rest of them must face the bad situation in their days and night. They work very hard but no salary in return. Their job is paid nothing. In such terrible situation, they even get worse treatment which is violent from their employer, either psychologically, or even sexually.

Domestic labor I think is a very private. I mean, they work in private places. That is why; their condition is hard to be known by public scrutiny. In this respect, there may be many abuses happen but no mass media can detect it since it happen inside house which is so far away from public eyes.

Seeing such terrible situation about domestic worker, the law that protects their right should be not only set up but also implemented and controlled strictly. Here, protecting law for them should be enforced strongly by every party, agency and government involved.

But unluckily, the law enforcement is not running well; since the business oriented mindset seem to be more dominant than humanitarian mindset. This which I think is the case. I think, the regulation is well written in the contract, but it is often abused and violated.

In this situation, I want to pose one question. If the fact shows that so many abuses happen and happen again, should I be dependent to be manual worker or domestic labor which is often abused?

I think the answer will vary from person to another. Since, the answer will still even depend to particular situation.

If it happens to me, I will answer by saying “ok, I will try to seek the better situation with a better treatment to earn a better living”. I think this notion is also the notion of my every fellow (TKI and TKW). The question later will be how to make sure about that?

I just can answer by saying, let us update ourselves with every positive thing, let us be more critical and donโ€™t be fooled since there are many people try to fool others with any trick and tactics to obtain their own narrow interest.


7 Responses to "Should I be dependent to be TKW/I?"

Bravo Indonesian Maids. They are some of Indonesian heroes

thanks for comment. we need strong and legal protection from the government. not only word and promise but above all, is about action, real action. what we need is action, not to much talking. thanks for support.

this maid and master relationship is kind a dillemma. there is a cruel master who tortures his/her maid, but there is a maid who likes to steal her master’s belongings or treat her master’s baby badly (in case as nanny or baby sitter).
nonetheless, other their bad attitudes while working for their masters.
this kind relationship is really difficult to find who the bad guy is, because when we tell the bad guy is the master, it is wrong or vice versa. as matter of fact based on my personal experience, there are many maids who become snobbish to their future master or master, this is happening maybe because they have experienced bad things in the past or because they’ve heard such bad experiences that other maids have undergone. Usually they ask high salary and other requirements first to the future master, it is okay to ask high salary but masters need to know her way doing the job (good or bad). Masters don’t pay expensive for maid with bad work-ability. So, we can still see other side of this problem. We can’t see from “maid view” only, we should see from “master view” too then we can give actual opinion and solution from it. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

well, if i am talking about master and maid, so i have to talk about relationship, as you stated before. the relationship between maid and employer is asymmetry relationship, the strong and the weak, or the powerful and the powerless. indeed, power then lies in the employer. by this way,employers are often tempted to abuse the maid, the weak one. you know, Saudi woman is forbidden even to drive a car. here, gender discrimination is widespread and acceptable norm. the maid (which is dominated by woman) who work in place which is full of discrimination and male dominated system, the violence and abuse will take place more and more. i agree with you that the maid should undertake her obligation as maid, but what happen if their hardworking is eventually regarded as nothing by her employer. it is simply not fair. sadly, housemaid can do nothing, because she is powerless and voiceless. but i believe if the employer treat maid with respect, the maid will learn to respect other. but if the employer often treat the maid badly, the maid will simply keep silent due to the fear of more abuse from her master. in this point, law enforcement is really important, not only in mouth but more essential translated into action, real action.
i hope Indonesian maid, or TKI and TKW would be strong enough and stand tall without bending, without regard their status in terms of job position.everybody is the same before God, before the law.
thanks for provoking comment.

OK, i agree with some of your explanation above, it is the thing you witness everyday even everytime ๐Ÿ™‚

Funny, in Saudi Arabia, master is powerful being and maid is powerless being. In Indonesia, Jakarta for example, master and maid have equal position. Although I’ve heard many times about torture already done by master to their maid but there are many stories about bad maids that often steal or kill or kidnap or disguising as a maid but she is actually one of robber plotter. Not to mention, my previous comment tell that I’ve felt such experiences dealing with snobbish maids. Maybe it is because, maids in Indonesia know very well that many of potential masters are desperately seeking maid to help them doing housechores. Also, the salary of maids is cheap compared to the other countries’, every master here affords to pay them.
I don’t know what exactly happens there in Saudi Arabia. But I suggest to every TKW/I to find another job better than their current job. Of course, this is not easy, but by studying at the higher level schools (graduate degree, postgraduate degree, sort of) there will be hope to get another job, better job. I think by getting another job can solve those endless problems. And maybe try to be more independent, such as to be a entrepreneur or retailer or sort of, anything but be independent. Just a suggestion, because I’m sure there is always a solution for every problem. Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

ooops typo, sorry :mrgreen:

“anything but be independent” should be “anything that makes TKW/I to be independent”

ketinggalan ๐Ÿ˜†

I’m sure law enforcement is needed. But if there is a quick solution for those problems, one of them is find another and better job. If they are just waiting for law enforcement, how long will they must wait for it?

I prefer quick, steady and certain solution to long and uncertain solution ๐Ÿ™‚

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