Life with Dignity

Posted on: December 22, 2007

How to build a better Indonesia? this question is very important to pose, because for this time, Indonesian still remain left behind.

one of that problems is about overpopulation in Indonesia. specifically, there is a tendency that people from rural area concentrate in Jakarta. Why the people concentrate in Jakarta? It seems to me that Jakarta is center of business. Jakarta is perceived as a place in which people can be involved in business (any forms of business). In their mind, Jakarta is promising in terms of business.

That is why, many kind of people gather in Jakarta. from A to Z of people is available there. what will happen if too much people gather in Jakarta? my answer is, if the government can not manage this situation, there will be a new problem.

Moving to Jakarta, the people from rural area of course look for the opportunity of job. but what will happen if this opportunity is closed?

Comeback to their village is perceived as stupid choice. Any jobs even the worse one is eventually fine with them. Being beggar in the street,  pickpocket (pencopet), singing beggar (pengamen), or even thief is the last and easy choice for them. The mainthing, their job can produce the money, regardless what they do is good or not good.

This situation of course is not good, because it is a kind of social disease. The situation will be more crucial when begging become the mentality. they can not live without this kind of mentality.

What do you feel when you are in the bus, a singing beggar force you to give him money? absolutely, you feel threatened and  uncomfortable. and how if in every bus you get on, you have to face the same situation? It is not only boring but also threatening you. you feel insecure. In this point, when you feel insecure, it means that there is something wrong happen in our environment. The more the social disease exist, the more the crime will happen.

This kind of mentality is something possible to happen in the center of power. In my mind, the act of corruption is a bout mentality. the mentality to take something which is the right of others. If such negative act happen in the center of power, the public trust on will wane sooner. even worse if the people try to imitate such bad mentality. The corruption will be widespread and eventually is perceived as normal. in this point, everything become complicated.

This social disease should be at least minimalised. The solution can take form of awareness from our selves, or transformation and socialization about life with dignity to the public, and even taking social action in the ground.

I really appreciate the people who have the awareness to embrace the people in the street. It was my experience with my friend from PMII UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, to take part in educating them. It was called “Pesantren Anak Jalanan” (School for Neglected Children). My friends from PMII make the long-term agenda to give education for them. Their initiative is worth attention from the wide public.

There is no late to build the better Indonesia. Everybody of us can share our progressive idea to promote the life with dignity. the key is what we speak is something what we do. So we have to be compatible between words and actions. that’s all.

By Ahmad



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