Make Good Branding, Globally

Posted on: December 16, 2007

Yes I do agree with one of Indonesian blogger notion that during blogging, it is better not only Indonesian language we used in writing in blog, but also an English language. The reason will be reasonable. To make the foreign people know about the beauty of Indonesia, to make Indonesian country a good branding for the people out there.

It does not mean that using Indonesian is not good, but when we want to spread good information about Indonesia globally, using English is the smart one. The reason is very simple because English is the international language.

When I write here in English, I put my self as the learner, including learner in English. So, I will appreciate any constructive comments from any one. Because to me, to try something new and doing wrong is much better then never try because of fear of mistake.

Based on such notion, I try not to stop moving the life, because the life must go on. Doesn’t it?

I know the people will say to me that I am one of TKI in overseas (Saudi Arabia), but I try to position my self as the learner. Long life learning, the learning that never end even until the last minute of this life.

Well, I don’t really care what they say about me. The important thing, I have to improve my self through learning and learning.

I also know that there are many friends of mine from the same almamater (red-Gontor Boarding School), have more chances to go on their study to higher level, either within the home country or overseas. I hope the best for them.

Compared to them, should I be pessimistic because of the lack of chances? I would answer, no…No…no. because I was born not to be pessimistic. The life is very broad and wide. It provides me many choices and chances, Right?

So, regardless of my position, the learning needs to be run in every moment of this life. That’s all what I can express about what I feel and think. Any constructive comments are almost welcome.




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