Adaptasi Budaya

Posted on: December 13, 2007

Jumpa lagi dengan saya ahmad dari Bandung. Okay, in this time, i would like to share with you in English.

Well, just remember, i am the beginner in English. so just give me a constructive comment to improve my skill writing in English.

In this moment, i live in a country in which there is camels and dates (korma). This country is rich because it can produce the oil.

But the weather here especially for me, is not very friendly. because when the summer comes, the weather is very hot and when the winter comes, it is very cold.

But personally speaking, the winter for me is better than the summer. why? because, in winter, no need to switch on the air conditioner. and the sleeping more comfortable. hehehe

This country has a culture which is different from an Indonesian culture. As the indonesian people, i need to adjust my self to the current culture. So i need to improve my skill in arabic communication to make my social interaction with the local people getting better.

There are too many Indonesian people here. Most of them are domestic worker, informal one. their condition is not very good, because their life is strictly controlled by their employer.

In terms of religion, Islam is major religion here. When adzan (call to prayer) is summoned, the public service such markets, offices, etc should be closed. that is why, there is so called-mutawa’ (syariah police) who control the people religion. they encourage people to perform the prayer when an adzan (call to prayer) is summoned.

About social interaction between men and women, there is a segregation between men and woman. if there is the marriage party, the women should be separated from male participant, in terms of time and place. so there is a strict segregation based on gender.

And about the driving, the women are prohibited from driving. that is why people here prefer to recruit the driver from overseas just like from India, Indonesia, Srilanka, Bangladeh, or any other countries.

Well, I guess that’s all what i can share here with you all. Actually, i just want to try to express my thinking in English language.

If you are interested to put a comment, just feel free, because this blog is designed to encourage the freedom. because by freedom, the creativity will be encouraged and the happiness will be mostly gained. hopefully.



1 Response to "Adaptasi Budaya"

busett dehh .
judulnya bhsa indonesa, isinya inggris inggris gitu .,..
mo baca ga bawak kamus jon ekoll. hhoho ,,,,

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