Story for my baby

Posted on: November 11, 2007


Hi my baby, i want to give you a simple story. today, i read many news about my country, our country. Indonesia. Yes, Indonesia. whenever we go, we are indonesian.

Well, my baby, Indonesia, our country for the present time is full of crisis. there is academic dishonesty, where the cheating during examination is perceived as a way to get a good mark. on the steet, several students get involved in Quarrel with the students from other school. this bad trend is also admitted by student of university.

Well, my baby. Indonesia is our hometown. but day by bay, there are many scene of conflict based on religious, racial, or point of view differences. this panorama only shows as if violance is only the way to overcome even the single and simple problem. they want to get the instant solution. actually they dont solve except generate another kind of problems.

My baby, Indonesia is my country, and your country as well. our nationalisme should not be blind. our love to our homecountry can be implemented by doing goods, helping others regardless of religious or racial background. because actually, they are just like us. “Human”. so we live with humanity. and it’s very universal value.

My baby, indonesia is my beloved country. but for this time, it’s reputation is being destroyed by corruption conducted by those who is closed to the power. the authority see themselves as the king who never do wrong. they strengthen their power through any means even through hurting and sarificing public heart. its a big paradox.

My baby, indonesia is a big country. our country is very rich, but it is also poor nation in the same time. our resource of nature is very great, but all of that is made for others. so why the public injustice runs nakedly in front of us. as we have no single power.

But my baby, dont be pesimistic. we have a vision, a long term vision for our future. lets think to be a good people with a good character. we try to be our selves, to be original. to be honest. by this way, cheating, fighting with friends, religious or rasial conflict, political dishonesty is only a garbage. the garbage of society.

my baby, i will try to be a good father, a good model for you. when i wrote this message, i was in Saudi Arabia as -what mahasiswa bandung say- ‘Babu”. but i dont really care with that label. it doesnt really matter for me, as the life should not be determined by such label but by how we think. thanks for Miss Jenni for her inspriative mindset for me.

your father.



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