Building Nation Character

Posted on: October 25, 2007

To Pull Historical Locomotif.

When celebrating independence day of Indonesia (RI) that passed some days ago, I began to think that as country, Indonesia is still young, even younger than China, Japan, or Yahudi whose age is about thousands years. Untill now, they remain solid, and have great elanvital in historical stage of international competition .

Compared to China, Japan, Turki or Yahudi, the country called ‘Indonesia’, is still young. It is still in process to be. Past Historical record of indonesia was full of intrick and tendency to destroy each other. Don’t let this kind of culture grow and continue.

The name of indonesia it self, in early period was originated from scotlandian historian, R Logan in 1850, and later this name (indonesia) was historically, declared during Sumpah Pemuda in 1928. “youth oath”. And in 17 August 1945, such political aspiration was later confirmed any more. So, the concept of Indonesia is not a solid and strong heritage of it’s past, like China for instance, but it is an aspiration and cultural and political project on the future.

If such political will and aspiration is not protected well, the culture of destroying each other on the past may potencially take place any more and Indonesia can hardly reach one hundreds years old as happened in the central of power in classic era of kingdom (monarchy). They used to destroy each others, eihter in the internal circle of kingdom or between monarchy.

Leadership continuity is a good lesson to be taken into account, that one example of histories of China is how their political leader could put the their personal ego under the interest of their nation. Whoever become president should be aware that he/she hold the historical responsibilty of their nation whose age is more than 4000 years old and in the present time, their population reachs about 1.3 miliyar.

Just imagine, a chinese big wall has been built more than 800 years, while a big projects that take place up to now such as Mega Yang Tse Irrigation producing electrical energy nearly can supply all electric need of Indonesia, has been designed since 50 years ago. It means that there is a political and governmental continuity to build the nation, whoever the president is.

Such phenomenon can be the lesson that bulding the nation strongly need a far broad vision to the future and having a big dream. It also need the guarantee of running estafet leadership which is loyal to pull their country locomotif.

Not just being a politican whose dream only to be ministry, get winner in the general election, and success to be the member of house representative parliement.

It’s a really narrow dream.Shaping this nation is like a jumping from the society which is attached by etnichal and religious sentiment toward community which strive to live together in the frame of nation, while it’s foundation of nation is still to weak. In such process of builing nation, there are too many historical trapes that should be taken into account.

If building nation is successful, the differences of ethnic, religion, language, and culture will be special wealth and beauty of unique Indonesia. But if it’s politicans are still narrow-minded, it’s differences will potentially be the trape and Indonesia will be more broken down and left behind though it’s rich with natural resource and cultures.

We have to read thoroughly global map competition and cooperation to put Indonesia which it’s most population is islam, but politically and economically, indonesia is strongly influenced by the west and China. It’s very interesting to consider that now India become a new player in economy and technology field with it’s tradition called ” Arianisme-Hinduisme”.

Besides, japan also has a strong national spirit which was examined long times ago. In the global map, we should come to know that at national level, our foundation is still weak. The peformance of politicans and government looks like joking and playing (not serious).

They prefer to think only of their benefit, don’t try to be aware that they are pulling the locomotif of nation history which is still young and easily shock by the external power. Poor apreciationAnd something terrible of this nation, is that there is a tendency to be difficult to appreciate the other fellow who is prestative,and hard to acknowledge and support the fellow who is failing.

They prefer to blame and insult rather than to praise (honor) and remind the others wisely. In other word, we prefer more to see the others in poverty and difficult to see the happiness in the people.

Basically, through sport subject (also it’s practice) in school, the learner are supposed to have a sportive character, like to work together, not arrogant when he/she win the game, and also not pesimistic when she/he is defeated. But it is a pity that such good values become marginalized by the educational orientation which it’s target only to get pass in cognitive examination, and overlooking the character building.

Stingy character and narrow heart could be seen in the religious domain. When we face the God, something dominan is only begging and asking for as if it is dictating God to satisfy his/her ambitions. He / she always forgets to thank.

The similar situation happen when he or she has social contact whith the others. They are no willing if the paradise occupied by the others and even be happy to hope the other in bad condition and go to hell. Of course, it’s not fair to compare a young indonesia with other country which is their age reached thousands years.

However, there ary many countries which are categorized as young and left far behind but become sooner prestigious and dignified in the global competition. In front of neighbour country, we are marginalized. Meanwhile, many politicians are busy to set the strategy how to win every power in any levels of election.

I eventually thought, there is a big something wrong in the way we live in this nation. This country was founded by the generation who had a great mind and a big dream, but it’s later process, the political stage is managed by those who has a narrow dream.


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